What will it cost to grieve my taxes?

There are absolutely NO UPFRONT FEES. If we win, you pay us a ONE-TIME FEE OF 50% OF YOUR REDUCTION plus an independent appraisal fee between $75.00 and $150.00 (depending on your property) and a $30 filing fee if an appeal is necessary. If we lose, you pay NOTHING!

What is the benefit of using an independent appraisal?

An independent appraisal is the best type of evidence you can use when grieving your taxes. It is an independent and comprehensive analysis of the value of a home prepared by an experienced appraiser who is licensed by the State of New York. Unlike "broker price opinions", "in-house appraisals" and general property valuations based simply on comparable sales -- as used by many of our competitors -- our independent appraisals are given greater weight by the Board of Assessment Review, the Town Assessors and the hearing officers who determine whether and to what extent to approve our grievances. Just look at our success rate!

What does an independent appraisal cost?

Ordinarily, independent appraisals cost between $250.00 and $500.00. Based on our volume, our appraisers only charge us $150.00, which is exactly what we charge you only if we win. Be wary of companies that charge an "appraisal fee", which often times is just an internal sales comparison that carries little to no weight with the Assessors, Board of Assessment Review and Hearing Officers. As is often said, You Get What You Pay For.

      Company A charges a $75.00 fee for an "appraisal" and only reduces your taxes by $500.00 because the
      in-house "appraisal" is given little or no weight.
      Long Island Tax Cut obtains an Independent Appraisal for $150.00 and reduces your taxes by $1,500.00
      because the independent appraisal is accepted.

What is a tax grievance?
A tax grievance is your legal right to formally challenge the assessment of your real property as determined by your town or municipality. Your right is protected by New York State law, and we are in business to protect and assert your legal right to be taxed fairly.

What is my property tax assessment?

Your property tax assessment is your assessor’s judgment of the market value of your real property (i.e., your home or vacant land). Market value is generally defined as the price a willing buyer would pay a willing seller for a property in its present condition with neither buyer nor seller under pressure to act (e.g., such as career relocation, death of a family member, divorce, foreclosure, etc.)

How do I determine my property’s assessed value according to my assessor?

You can calculate the assessor’s estimate of your property’s value by dividing the assessed value (which is on your tax bill) by the equalization rate. The equalization rate is determined by New York State and varies from year to year and is different depending upon which town or municipality your property is located.

What if I believe my property is worth less than what the assessor has determined?

You can and should file a tax grievance. While you can do so on your own, we specialize in filing tax grievances on your behalf and handle all paperwork and appearances for you.

Can my taxes be increased or any Star exemptions lost because I filed a grievance?

Absolutely Not! Your assessment can only go down or remain the same and will have no impact on your Star exemptions.

Are there any inspections conducted inside my house?

No. Our independent appraisers only take pictures of the front of your house and your street view.

What taxes are affected if I win my grievance?

Your school and general taxes for 2011/2012 will be reduced. You must file a separate grievance to challenge your village taxes.

How and When do I pay for your services?

You only pay if and when we win and you receive proof that your assessment has been reduced! For your convenience, you can pay us by check, Master Card, Visa or Discover.

For all of our clients whose grievances we won for the current tax year, a invoice is mailed in December after your tax bills are issued.